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New Pint Bottles For Bassingthorpe Milk

Providing options for our customers is key for All Good Market. We're committed to presenting a variety of options as you would find in a supermarket. That being said, we have worked with our fabulous milk suppliers to bring you a new size of milk bottle!

We present to you, Bassingthorpe Whole Milk in 500ml bottles.

At All Good Market we are excited to offer this to you as, the new 500ml bottles are perfect if you live alone or just don't use a lot of milk, to take to work, provide in your AirBnB or for a weekend away. They aren't as heavy as the 1Litre bottles, additionally making it easier for those who might struggle lifting a full 1Litre glass bottle.

We adore hearing stories from our customers in the shop, varying from the younger to older generations. It's not just the younger generation who have a passion for looking after our environment, enjoy the challenge of reducing waste as well as supporting local farmers and businesses. Our personal favourite was listening to one customer describing the nostalgia behind the glass bottles as it is reminiscent of their own childhood!

Don't forget, this milk freezes really well, just not in the bottle! If you have too much, decant it in to separate containers to have another day.


1L = £1.30

500ml = 95p

Bottle Deposits will remain the same for all milks = £2*

We would like to thank Julie and Anne for working so hard to create this new size bottle for us and we think you'll love them as much as we do.

Who Are Bassingthorpe Milk?

Bassingthorpe Milk are located on Manor Farm, Boothby Pagnell, near Grantham. They are run by an all female team lead by sisters Julie and Anne. Their farm fresh pasteurised whole milk is non-homogenised and plastic free as it comes in our returnable glass bottles.

Photo by Bassingthorpe Milk

*Bottle deposits are refundable. £2 per new bottle of milk. If you have an empty bottle and would like more milk, make sure to have it ready to swap. If you don't want any more milk, return the bottle and get your money back.

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