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The Art Of Handmade Pottery

Why choose quality over quantity? You get what you've paid for.

At All Good Market we don't just sell necessities but we've curated the best collection of plastic free gifts from small business owners around the UK, and we couldn't be more excited about our ceramics collection.

Our New Strawberry & Mushroom Mugs

On occasion, we receive comments from some customers saying: "that's so expensive!" "it's not worth that price!" Well, today we're going to explain further the art of pottery and exactly why every penny is worth it on our ceramic mugs.

Quality over Quantity. End of blog, case closed! No, but really you are paying for the quality of the product. Handmade ceramics will be ten times better than that £5 mug from Morrisons. And why is this?

Our ceramic mugs are made by hand. They are individually hand thrown by an extremely talented potter, where so much time and effort has gone in to creating shapes, piecing them together, hand glazing/painting them and firing. Each mug is unique and personal, you will not only have an attractive mug to show off to house guests but you are collecting art. In comparison, these art pieces are cheap!

Ceramic Cup & Lid made by Steph Bowden-Hughes

They're handmade and they're so much more attractive than rigid machine made, printed mugs but, it gets better. Ceramics are efficient at heat retention. This is why our handmade ceramic reusable take away cups are so much better than a plastic reusable. They will keep your drink hotter for longer. This is because ceramic is an insulator due to its material properties. Furthermore, when plastic cups get hot the chemicals leach in to the liquid. So, you're drinking micro plastics and chemicals. I know which one I'd prefer...

In addition, ceramics are easier to clean, which in turn saves you time and energy, as they don't stain as easily. And finally, they're more environmentally friendly. Ceramic is recyclable and biodegradable. You might find it more practical/less of an effort to have a lightweight plastic cup or a retractable rubber one in your bag, but let's face it, you can't beat ceramics. Being more environmentally friendly requires us to take care of our belongings, to plan and buy only what we need and teaches us to be proactive rather than lazy.

Ceramics We Sell At All Good Market

Ceramic Cups With Lids made by Steph Bowden-Hughes

Photo by Steph Bowden-Hughes

Steph is based in Stamford, Lincolnshire and is our resident ceramic artist in the shop. We restock her Ceramic Cups & Lids in our All Good Market specific design as well as new additions. Coming in October watch out for new colourful cups on the shelves (also available online).

These are great to use as a reusable take-away cup to help reduce single-use cups going to waste however, they're just as amazing to use at home with or without the lid as a handleless mug. Using the lid also helps prevent spillages - genius I know.

Instagram: @stephbowdenhughes

Ceramic Mugs made by Chloë Charlett

Photo by Glassette Editorial Shoot via Chloë Charlett

Chloë is our newest addition to shop! Her mushroom mugs and strawberry mugs are the coolest, most unique, handmade piece we've had in the shop yet. Her artistic talent really shows through these personal mugs. Be quick, we only have 5 of each design before they're sold out!

Chloë is based in Glasgow having just opened her new shop in The Hidden Lane in Finnieston.

Instagram: @chloecharlett

Ceramic Tea Light Holders by HKA Ceramics

Photo by HKA Ceramics

Harriet is based in Hampshire and you may recognise her work from her mugs we stocked last Christmas.

We currently have a few of her Navy Blue Star Tea Light Holders in stock which even have a cheeky promotion going!

Instagram: @hkaceramics

Photo by Steph Bowden-Hughes
Find More Ceramic Artists On Instagram:


  • @studiolpceramics - Peterborough

  • @hannahelisabethbigley - Stamford

UK Based:

  • @tashfry_kla - Somerset

  • @clairefolkesceramics - Essex

  • @lucygreen.ceramics - Bath

  • @natashaswanceramics - Ireland

  • @rmostudio - Liverpool

  • @koceramics - Kimbolton

  • @kuuceramics - Chichester

  • @Kim.plimley.ceramics - Glasgow

  • @ravens_ceramicstudio - London

  • @rosun_ceramics - London

  • @potsbyheather - East London

  • @hannahburgessceramics - Leeds

  • @ro_mud - Brighton

  • @cleiogceramics - Cambridge

  • @lizvidalceramics - Bristol

  • @somsclay - Staffordshire

  • @twinnpottery - Essex

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