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Fresh, Pasturised Whole Milk from Bassingthorpe Farm near Grantham. Available in 1L or 500ml. 


£1.50 for a Litre, £2.00 refundable bottle deposit.

95p for a Pint, £2.00 refundable bottle deposit. 

Bassingthorpe Milk

  • Our milk comes in returnable glass milk bottles.

    There is a £2 deposit for the litre bottles and a £1 deposit for pint bottles that is refundable.

    Please choose your option below whether you have a bottle to return when we deliver your milk or not. 

    If you click that you have a bottle to return upon delivery however we don't then receive one on the day, we will ask you to pay the £2 cash there and then otherwise we will have to take the milk away and refund you the payment of the milk.

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